You Have 28 Thousand Days to Live

Failure has been my biggest success

Moments after a baby giraffe is born, the mother nurtures it to stand, standing and walking is a matter of life and death. Nearly 50% of baby giraffes die in the first year to a predator. If the baby doesn’t stand only moments after it is born, the mother will kick it and...
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South Lake Tahoe Beach

What is Real Wealth?

I want to talk to you about real wealth. This is an important topic because most of our parents failed to teach us what real wealth is. The technical definition of the word wealth is, “an abundance of valuable possessions or money.” The origin of the word wealth comes...
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The Cure for Cancer

In 2009, my mother was diagnosed with leukemia, today she is still recovering from the treatments. At the time, she was given about 5 weeks to live if she didn’t start aggressive treatment. Not knowing anything about cancer, she of course chose to have chemotherapy immediately,...
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How to get the Best Deal on a Car Rental

I learned this trick in Orlando Florida while looking for a really cheap deal on a nice vehicle. I know for certain this works at airports, not sure about your local rental companies. Go to one of your favorite online travel brokers, I personally use Expedia or Kayak, but I am...
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How to get the Best Deal on your next Auto Purchase

I have used this 2 times in my life, once for myself, and once for my uncle. It is very simple, first, find the car you want over the internet, search for it within 100 miles of your house. My hope is that you are searching for a used car, but don’t worry, this works for both...
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